• Technical support and troubleshooting services for EEG-based research
  • Experienced hands-on knowledge of many EEG systems and analysis packages (Neuroscan, ANT, EGI, Matlab and EEGLab)
  • EEG and non-EEG (i.e. neuro-psych) task design services and consultancy (based around Matlab with Cogent and Psychtoolbox)
  • EEG data analysis services and consultancy
  • Quotes and advice for costing of EEG studies and consumables for grant applications

Neuro Technologist Services

Simple Task

10 days FTE

Complex Task

20 days FTE

EEG Application

2 days FTE

Basic Analysis

5 days FTE

EEG Analysis:

10 days FTE

EEG Analysis


Neuro Technologist Rates

Freelance tNT: Hourly Rate


Freelance tNT: Day Rate


Quarterly tNT Retainer


Annual tNT Retainer


The above list of services and rates only exists to demonstrate the typical costs associated with accessing these types of services. All work conducted by TheNeuroTechnologist.com will be costed and invoiced individually, in accordance with the estimated/actual time demands of the project.